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The adult website YouJizz has a remarkably distinctive brand identity, which makes it stand out among the logos of most of its competitors. While gender equality is questionable here, the logo is playful and sexually suggestive.

Meaning and history


The characteristic feature of the YouJizz logo is that the pictorial and typographic parts seamlessly merge to create a single emblem. From the utilitarian point of view, the “o” and “u” are just two letters. In the logo, they also serve as the eyes of a gentleman (the “o” is an opened eye, while “u” is winking). Above the “face” you can see a white hat radiating retro chic, while below the “eyes” there’s a mustache.

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The word “YouJizz” is broken into two parts with the help of the color: the first part is white, while the final part is red. Below the main emblem, you can also see the slogan “Yes, sir.”


YouJizz Logo

The fact that the two letters “z” look the same implies that there could be a ready-made font used on the YouJizz logo. And yet, each glyph has a unique and recognizable look that seems to fit the overall structure of the logo perfectly, so it’s more likely that this insignia is a custom artwork, in which every letter was created from scratch.


YouJizz emblem

Similar to quite a few other porn websites, YouJizz builds its palette from black, white, and red. This color scheme acquires a distinctive look due to a somewhat warmer and more saturated shade of red.