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Simple and minimalistic, the XVideos logo doesn’t give the slightest hint as to what type of company it belongs. Also, it’s the type of logo that doesn’t catch your eye – it doesn’t dominate the page at all. Perhaps, that’s just because the company wants the website visitors to focus on other content.

Meaning and history

XVideos Logo history

2007 – 2017

XVideos Logo 2007

The website was launched in the late spring of 2007. The scheme it uses is pretty much the same as the one used by YouTube except for the contents of the videos uploaded is different – in case of XVideos, it’s adult content.

2018 – Today

XVideos logo

As of late 2018, it was ranked the world’s 29th most visited website. In another ranking, it was named the second most popular website in the adult category. It officially belongs to the Czech company WGCZ Holding, which is also known as the owner of the Penthouse magazine.

Symbol evolution

Symbol XVideos

The website has gone through a series of logotypes throughout its history. On the whole, the overall look has been pretty much the same due to the color scheme and the structure of the logo: a red “X” followed by white “Videos” over the black background.

The typeface has been modified a lot, though. At some points, there was a serif type and a 3D lettering. You can also come across bolder or, vice versa, thinner versions with more or less breathing space between the letters. Sometimes, the background was white, and the lettering “Videos” was black, but the iconic red “X” has always been there.


Emblem XVideos

The current XVideos logo features the name of the project in a sans serif type with classic proportions. It’s perfectly legible due to its clean and uncomplicated font. The emblem can be broken into two parts: like on virtually all the previous logotypes, you can see a red “X” and the lettering “Videos” in white. The wordmark is placed inside a black square.



The type is pretty simple and minimalistic. It looks somewhat similar to the good old Arial Bold, although it’s not the same.


logo XVideos

The color scheme featured on the XVideos logo is very popular. The combination of bright red, white, and black has been used for thousands of logotypes that belong to various companies, from Formula 1 and Canon to Yamaha.