West Virginia Mountaineers Logo

West Virginia Mountaineers Logo

West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, sponsors over 15 varsity teams sharing the same stylized monogram emblem.

Meaning and history

West Virginia Mountaineers Logo history

Since at least 1928, when the oldest available West Virginia Mountaineers logo was unveiled, the athletic emblem has always been focused on the initials of the university’s name. In the case of the older logos, the letters were “W,” “Y,” and “U,” while on the current monogram (since 1980), the “U” has disappeared.

The style and palette of the emblem have gone through several updates, too. The earliest design on the list (1928) featured the elegant letters in blue. They possessed a very unusual and recognizable structure. On the following emblem (1970), the letters “WVU” were housed inside a ball, which was placed over the map of West Virginia. Eventually, in 1980, the university introduced a logo with the “W” and “V” placed one above the other.

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West Virginia Mountaineers symbol

The football team has won ten conference championships outright and shared five. The primary West Virginia Mountaineers football logo coincides with the main athletic logo.


West Virginia Mountaineers emblem

The basketball teams play at the WVU Coliseum and are coached by Bob Huggins (men’s team) and Mike Carey (women’s team). The West Virginia Mountaineers basketball logo is the same as the primary athletic emblem.