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VMware is the name of the software developing company, which was established in 1998 in the United States. The company is known for its cloud programs, which are designed for various operating systems, including iOS and Linux.

Meaning and history

VMware Logo history

The logo of the American software company was created in 1998, and accepted from the second attempt. The first version featured a sharp black and red rhombus with white “VM” lettering, placed on the left from the black “Ware” lettering in a wide bold sans-serif.

It was a pretty aggressive and masculine logo and looked completely different from the second version, which was chosen by the company — a smooth rounded inscription in the lowercase with a light geometric emblem, composed of three squares with rounded angles. The color of the logo was light blue, close to gray, evoking a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. The first two letters of the nameplate were bolder than the “Ware” part.

VMware Logo

The logo was redesigned and simplified in 2009. The sky-blue color was changed to gray, representing the expertise, authority, and confidence of the company, and the high-quality of its products. The three squares were removed from the visual identity, and replaced by a solid icon, which is used on its own, mainly on the websites and applications.

The VMware emblem featured a solid gray square with rounded angles and two white letters “VM” in the lowercase, executed in a smooth rounded sans-serif typeface, and connected with each other.