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Like many other adult websites, Upornia plays with the devil-angel theme in its logo.

Meaning and history

Upornia emblem

The highlight of the Upornia logo is the “U” emblem. From the one hand, it serves the practical purpose being the initial of the name of the project. From the other hand, it also has a symbolic meaning. The letter is provided with two red horns and two white wings and in this way it has the devil-angel theme covered.

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The gradient used on the letters and symbol add some depth and a shining quality.


Upornia Logo

Solid and bold, the letters of this sans serif type don’t stand out. From the other hand, such classic glyphs provide excellent legibility. Probably the most characteristic feature of the insignia is the generous breathing space between the letters. If you’re looking for fonts with similar glyphs, you can find over 15 options, including Dokyo Regular, Trueno Black, Uniform Ultra, and Muller Black.



Basically, the Upornia logo is built on the popular palette comprising black, white, and red. You may notice that there’re more than one shade of red and a variety of silver greys, though. They have been used to create a gradient effect.