TXXX is the name of one of the most visited pornography websites, which was created in 2013, and today is operated by the AVS Group. The platform offers a wide range of movies and clips in HD format, which are available to watch online for free.

Meaning and history

TXXX.com is a video portal that offers pornographic content, available to watch online for free. The website has a huge catalog of more than 40 thousand videos of different categories, lengths and production companies. TXXX is the name, that is known worldwide, and today it is ranked as the 80th most visited website on the Internet. Apart from the global ranking, the platform takes the 28th line in the list of the most visited sites in Germany. Which is pretty impressive.

The name of the web platform is based on the commonly known meaning of XXX, which generally stands for erotic content.

What is TXXX?

TXXX is a German website with adult video content, which was founded in 1013, and by today has become one of the most visited destinations for porn-fans from all over the globe. The platform offers more than 40.000 movies and series, which are available to watch for free and with no registration.

In terms of visual identity, the pornography website looks cool and sharp, using clean massive symbols with straight lines and sharp angles. The geometry of the badge evokes a sense of confidence and expertise, showing the website as a professional in the industry.

2013 – Today


The brand identity of the adult website TXXX is based on the double meaning of the “x” symbol. On the logo, it’s not just the letter, but also a symbol of something crossed out, or covered, because of being indecent. In this way, the TXXX logo gives a hint at the type of industry in which the company works.

All the glyphs look like geometric shapes rather than letters. They are based on a square shape and bear a slight resemblance to game pieces from the tile-matching puzzle video game Tetris. The capital “T” is maroon, while the “x’s” are light grey.

The typeface of the TXXX logotype is more based on geometric figures than regular lettering font, although the first “T” is pretty close to such commercial fonts as ND Alias Bold and Lobby Poster JNL Regular, while the three-x combo looks more like a cross image, that the inscription.