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Twistys is a Canadian porn studio and website, created in 2012. They don’t really specialize in any one genre, but the platform is known for numerous lesbian and harsher videos. Specifically, there is more only-female content than in many similar porn websites, which is also acknowledged by the owners.

Meaning and History

Twistys Logo history

The website was set up in 2012 in Canada. It is known for hosting a more-than-usual number of hardcore and lesbian videos, which is reflected on their design, including the logo and the name. Twistys is one of the smaller porn hosting services, although it still serves hundreds of thousands of users.

2001 – 2002

Twistys Logo 2001
The original logotype of the website portrayed the wordmark unaccompanied by any backdrop, resembling its future variations. The bold and straightforward characters with circled corners were painted in red and had yellow contours, yielding a 3D effect. Frequently, the website’s tagline, styled in extra slim letters, was located underneath the wording.

2002 – 2005

Twistys Logo 2002
The subsequent iteration of the website’s official platform represented a newly-styled bright blue inscription with a double black and white contour. The extra bold letterforms were spaced far from one another, and each of them had a greasy, as if smeared style. A pink stripe was placed behind the letters, providing a unique and distinctive touch.

2005 – 2007

Twistys Logo 2005
The next lettering exhibited the wordmark colored in bright blue. Each letter was titled, and the letters ‘wis’ and ‘ty’ were united into two uniform symbols. Furthermore, a heart replaced the dot above ‘i’, adding a charming and romantic element.

2007 – 2010

Twistys Logo 2007
With the 2007 redesign, Twistys’ brand designers first introduced a wordmark with the backdrop. It was a sleek, somewhat glassy horizontally oriented oval, on which the white characters of ‘’ appeared. The letters constituting ‘Twistys’ were straight, sans-serif symbols with abrupt corners, while the ‘.com’ portion was written in a cursive font, providing a beautiful and harmonious contrast.

2010 – today

Twistys Logo

Their emblem is their own name. Arguably, the most eye-catching element of the emblem is the dot above the “i” looking like candy. The sweet theme is emphasized by the palette. The designer of the logo opted for a bright and cheerful tint of pink and placed it on the white background. The font they used makes the letters look drawn by hand.