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One of the websites from the Pornhub network, Tube8 has a rather distinctive logo. Its structure and overall look stand out in the crowd of Youtube-inspired emblems of many other adult websites.

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Meaning and history


The Tube8 logo can be broken into two parts. On the left, there’s the white word “TUBE” in solid capital letters. The word is given on the black background, which appears to be the most widely used choice for porn websites. Black is softer for the eyes when the room is dark. The lettering is followed by a roundel emblem.


Tube8 Emblem

The white circle has two tiny red horns and a red tail with an arrow on its end. Inside, there’s a smaller white circle housing the number “8.” The number, which is given in black, is slightly rotated to the right.


Tube8 Symbol

The letters belong to a bold sans serif type with an entirely traditional structure. There’re more than 15 fonts with glyphs looking somewhat similar, from Sequel Sans Body Black and Kana Sans Black to Trueno ExtraBold and Quarion DEMO Bold.


Tube8 Logo

The color scheme appears to have been made with the popular 60-30-10% rule in mind. This rule requires that the surface is divided between two main colors relating to each other as 60% and 30%, while 10% are left for an accent color. In case of the Tube8 logo, the two main colors are black taking around 60% of the surface and white (approximately 30%). To add some life and vividness, red details have been added. Red is probably the color most widely used as an accent for black and white.