Top-5 of the best logos on the NBA

Sport is a funny old thing. Not in the fact that we play it, nor that we watch it but for the fact that most of us tether ourselves to a team as a child and they become like an extension of our family.

It really is that passionate. We see how soccer and football fans gather around the telly when their favorite teams come on or how horse racing fans speculate over which horse will defy odds in the Kentucky Derby (you can read about it here by the way:

So, why do we choose the teams we do? For some it’s geographical, for some it’s family tradition, maybe it’s a star player or perhaps it’s being won over by an iconic badge. We think the latter can play a big role. For that reason, we’re going to look at the five best badges of the NBA.

Number 5. Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets logo

Starting off our top five is the Charlotte Hornets. It might be a selection that draws some controversy too but not because their badge isn’t brilliant. It’s just it was only revamped in 2014 to replace their cartoon b’balling hornet, which had a fair few admirers.

We prefer the new one. It’s just so different to anything else in the NBA. Forget the sport in question, the logo is all about the team name. White lettering that reads ‘Charlotte Hornets’ sits centrally on the shape of a wide winged hornet whilst menacing eyes and sting also draw your eye.

Number 4. Miami Heat

Miami Heat logo

Is it a basketball rim? Is it a halo? We think it’s the former, but it works for both. A simple white hoop with a ball falling through it. It’s matter of fact and nobody can knock it. What makes it worthy of a spot in our top five though is the creative spark that’s been added. In order to make the badge relatable to the Heat, the ball is ablaze in red and yellow as it drops in for what we assume is a last-gasp buzzer beater.

Number 3. Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors logo

We spoke in the intro of attracting a kid to your team rather than someone else’s. Where Toronto are concerned, if it’s not the name that gets them it will be the badge. It’s so straight forward too. A black circle that is framed red with a light grey basketball centred around the curved words of ‘Toronto Raptors’.

The designer wasn’t finished there though and the deep puncture marks on the ball that resemble the deadly strike of a velociraptor gives it real personality.

Number 2. Los Angeles Lakers 

Los Angeles Lakers 

The LA Lakers might be the best team in the history of the NBA and they might take to the court in the most identifiable jersey’s too but where their badge is concerned, they have to settle for second place. It is still a beauty though. Simple but memorable.

They’ve taken the plain backdrop of a basketball but incorporated the yellow of their kit combined with strong black edging. Over the top they’ve emblazoned their name in their other colour, purple.

Number 1. Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls logo

Show almost anyone in the world that striking red bulls head and the odds are that they would know the team it belonged to. The Chicago Bulls. Yes, their brand probably was helped by the greatest player of all time in Michael Jordan but make no mistake about it, their crest stands up to the best of them on its on merit.

Why? Well, for starters the logo immediately tells you who the team are with bold lettering, which is framed by the white horns of that fierce looking bull head. In our mind, it is without question the best badge in the NBA.

There you have it, five of the best badges in the NBA. Which one did we miss? Which is the best logo in your opinion?