Top 3 Most Powerful Mobile Operating System Logos in the World

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The most successful mobile operating systems need a flawless logo to go along with them, and these top 3 brands know how to design an impeccable emblem.

In this day and age, mobility matters more than ever. Manufacturers and designers alike understand this, and top tech companies are doing everything they can to create mobile operating systems which can take on the world. However, any business worth its salt needs to solidify its brand image, which drives its reputation. These three enterprises are raising the stakes with the most robust mobile systems on the market and the logos to back them up.


Worldwide statistics demonstrate that Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world, dominating the industry with 76.08% of the whole OS market share. This is partly because Android is an open-source platform, allowing other companies to use their technology to create an enhanced and personalized user experience.

Android devices span the entirety of price ranges because of this open-source commitment, but their tech is anything but cheap. The OS is one of the most powerful out there, with a plethora of programmers working day and night to keep the system updated and aligned with current market trends. Features like AI applications and voice activation with Google Assistant make Android a major contender as far as new tech and updated software.

Android is also a favorite OS for mobile gamers. Even if they don’t cost a lot of money, phones powered by Android can support many different gaming programs quickly and reliably. For example, you can download any number of apps with free Android slot games and rest assured that your OS will be able to handle them all with ease and grace.

So, what’s the best logo for a company which values modernity along with accessibility? A friendly green robot. It’s a down-to-earth logo which perfectly embodies Android’s commitment to be available and practical to its users.  The smiling caricature symbolizes progressive technology, demonstrating aptly and affably what the company is all about.

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Apple’s mobile operating system is shrouded in mystery, and that’s exactly how the company seem to want it. Unlike Android, iOS is a closed-source operating system which does not allow other smartphone or tablet manufacturers to use its software. People wishing to use iOS must purchase an iPhone or iPad to do so.

Despite being closed-source, Apple can rest on the laurels of its reputation and popularity. The iOS is fast and modern like Android, but it has the added power of being able to integrate applications seamlessly across the board. Of course, this is partly because mobile apps on iOS are primarily made for and by Apple, but it still dramatically enhances user experience.

As any iPhone owner will tell you, prices can be quite steep. However, customers already know this and continue to buy. This is perhaps because Apple lends itself to a certain air of exclusivity—a fact which is reflected perfectly in the iOS logo. The most recent version is simply the name iOS, with a subtle rainbow coloring across the thin font.

With these three simple characters, Apple manages to express the potential and ultimate uniqueness of its operating system. The sleek, modern, and minimalistic design conveys mystery and power along with chicness and a touch of the lavish.

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Apple products have long been a symbol of innovation, business growth, and even material success—however, their powerful mobile operating system can more than withstand these connotations.


Microsoft reigns supreme in the world of computers, and the Windows OS continues to dominate the PC market around the globe. However, their mobile OS has faded into relative obscurity in the face of the Apple and Android systems, which are so popular these days.

However, there are a few things about the Windows OS, which still make it viable and valuable in 2019. The first is that Windows is still out there—there are still phones and tablets for sale using this tech and many people who still love them despite the fact that Microsoft has announced the end of the mobile OS.

However, it continues to be relevant. As far as operating systems go, Windows is a legend and an inspiration to all developers. Microsoft is the mother of much computer technology, and it has, in turn, given rise to a vast amount of mobile tech. The Nokia Lumia phone series is based on the Windows OS, and Samsung and HTC have also released Windows-inspired phones.

Upon the end of the mobile OS, Windows will be moving their mobile applications to other supported platforms where appropriate. This is important for users because some of the apps are quite popular, especially the ones which coincide with their PC applications like OneNote and other Office apps.

What sort of logo suits this legendary company? The Windows mobile OS logo is similar to their company logo, with a four-square flag waving in an invisible breeze. It’s a simple and effective design reflecting the age and reputation of a great enterprise which has been around for a while. This colorful logo also speaks to the fact that Windows refuses to fix what’s not broken in their much-respected technology, yet doesn’t shy away from changes and innovations where they see fit.

Strong yet simplistic design is trending now more than ever in all mobile hardware, and any brand’s logo should be a reflection of this. These three companies have managed to create both wicked technology and authoritative logos which command respect and act as a natural extension of their powerful systems. The only question left is, which mobile OS are you going to use?

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