Top 12 Ice Cream Brands

Top 12 Ice Cream Brands

Delicious, refreshing ice cream is a favorite treat for children and adults. This product has so many flavors and shapes that everyone is sure to find a brand-favorite.The list of ice cream brand names resembles a geographical map: each country adheres to certain secrets and production traditions, which are symbolized by a unique name.

Do you go to the supermarket for the tastiest ice cream, but your eyes are confused by the abundance of choices? No wonder: nowadays the supply exceeds the demand, new brands appear day by day, and the range of ice cream has long gone beyond the once familiar “vanilla – chocolate – crème brûlée”.

Colorful labels abound, the producers try to outdo each other, promising us only natural ingredients and classical recipes “as before. But in practice the taste of purchased ice cream often does not match the loud statements on the package.

How not to miscalculate and choose a truly quality product? Let’s try to figure it out together: this rating presents the 10 most popular ice cream brands.

Baskin Robbins

Logo Baskin Robbins

A legend from the ice cream world: this American brand is the most popular in the world. The company first appeared on the Russian market back in 1988, but it only really took off after 2010. “Baskin Robbins” is a delicious ice cream in catchy pink plastic buckets. The assortment is impressive: the Moscow factory produces more than 129 varieties! The most popular flavors among Russians are praline with cream and almond and pistachio.

Baskin Robbins

Haagen Datz

Logo Haagen Datz

Another brand has an interesting history of creation – the famous Haagen Dazs. Its founder was Ruben Matus, a Pole who immigrated to the US and started selling ice cream there. In 1961 Matus took a risky step in the face of fierce competition and tried to break into the luxuru segment. To do this he chooses only quality ingredients and invents a new name for his product, Haagen Dazs, presenting it as Danish. For the sake of credibility, the label bears a map of the country. The entrepreneur reasoned rightly that a dessert from Denmark would find loyal customers among Americans, and the country was famous for its dairy products.

But the name had only an indirect relation to the Danish language: it did not have a combination of the letters zs and the letter a with dots on top. Matus wanted to invent an original and unique name with a “Danish” sound, and simply thought of a word combination that could not be translated into any language and he liked it. Calculation of the creator was fully justified – the “Danish” name has brought love and popularity to the brand not only in America, but also in many parts of the world.

Haagen Datz


Logo Movenpick

Swiss brand Movenpick was founded in 1948 in Zurich by hotelier Ueli Prager. The first ice cream was made under the brand in 1968. Today the assortment includes different kinds of delicacies: sorbet, classic ice cream in a bucket, plombard. The name of the brand encapsulates its philosophy, though it was born quite by accident. Once Prager was walking along the quay and feeding the seagulls, the man noticed that the seagulls were very selective in their choice of food. This scene gave birth to the Movenpick name (move from German “seagull”, pick from English “to choose”), turning into the brand concept – to choose only the best and natural ingredients for ice cream.


Blue Bell

Logo Blue Bell

The company-producer of ice cream Blue Bell Creameries opened in 1907 and took its name after the Texas Bluebell flower with the same name. Blue Bell symbolized summer, the season of the bell flower, and a hot season for ice cream business owners.

Blue Bell


Logo Cornetto

Italy is considered the birthplace of the classic creamy dessert, Italian ice cream serves as a benchmark for many world producers. One of the most recognizable Italian ice cream companies is Cornetto, founded in 1959 in Naples. The name means “little horn” in Italian, indicating the shape of the dessert – a cone.



Logo Berthillon

Since 1954 the family-run ice cream company Berthillon, named after its founder Raymond Berthillon, has been flourishing in Paris. This name has been a symbol of delicious ice cream made from natural ingredients for many years.

French Carte D’or was founded in 1977 as a supplier of ice cream for cafes and restaurants. From the very beginning the brand positioned itself as the best dessert of European restaurants, distinguished by an exquisite combination of flavors, which was proved by the name itself – “golden card”.



Logo Glacio

Glacio is a brand from Belgium, founded in 1972 in Berse. The company’s distinctive feature was that in addition to the standard plombières and sorbets the range included the so-called “ice desserts” – the true works of culinary art. This is evidenced by the brand name: in Latin Glacio means “I am made of ice.

The Belgian ice cream company, Magnum, known outside the country, was founded in 1989. Initially, the product was produced in the form of popsicles, then – cones and sandwich briquettes. The name in translation from Latin means “big”: the weight of the original dessert was 86 grams.



Logo Valio

Finnish brand Valio is the largest brand of lactose-free ice cream. The company was founded in 1905 as an exporter of Finnish butter, and the Finnish word Valio, which means “select, elite”, was chosen for its name.



Logo Amul

India’s largest producer of ice cream, the Amul brand was created in 1946 by Tribhuvanandas Patel. Amul is not a word from the Indian language, but only an abbreviation for a company that produces dairy products.

In 1975, the Indian city of Mangalore launched the production of ice cream with the pretentious name Ideal Ice cream (“perfect ice cream”). The name really brought success to the product and today it is one of the most famous Indian brands. Generally speaking, the “speaking” names of ice-cream companies are often used in India: Mother Dairy, Natural Ice Cream.


Cows Creamery

Logo Cows Creamery

Canadian ice cream products from Cows Creamery are on the list of the best ice cream not only in the producing country, but also in the world. Founded in 1983 in Cavendish, the company has a very telling name – “Cow Creamery,” after the main ingredient of the treat.

Cows Creamery

Rocky Road

Logo Rocky Road

America is home to many world-renowned ice cream companies. One of them is Rocky Road founded in 1929 in Oakland, California by Joseph Edey and William Dreyer. After creating a dessert with chocolate chips, the companions named their venture Rocky Road. In English, the word combination means “rocky road”: it is a symbol of the difficult path of people living during the “Great Depression” and at the same time represents a tasty chocolate chip.

Rocky Road


Logo Drumstick

Many fans of the American frozen dessert Drumstick are perplexed as to why the ice cream is produced by a company whose name means a completely different product. Drumstick (translated from English as “chicken leg” or “shank”) was founded in 1928, but the history of the name began much earlier. At an ice cream show in 1904, one of the participants used a rolled-up waffle as a container for his product, later, in 1928, the Parker brothers supplemented this invention with chocolate and peanut brittle, and the wife of one of the brothers noticed that this delicacy looked like a chicken leg. The comparison was so accurate that the unconventional name, under which the product is still produced today, was retained.



What kinds of ice cream are there?

There are many types of ice cream. All types of ice cream can be divided into 4 categories: by composition, by consistency, by taste, and by packaging. If you go by composition, then ice cream can be:

  1. Created on the basis of animal fats:

Plombir (it is based on whole cow’s milk, which is the most fatty ice cream)

Dairy (it is also based on whole cow’s milk, but the ice cream is less fatty)

  1. Creamy (it is based on cream).
  2. Made on the basis of vegetable fats (coconut oil and palm oil)
  3. Fruit ice.
  4. Sorbet (contains no cream and animal fats, and very little sugar).

How many calories does ice cream contain?

Everyone knows that ice cream contains fat and carbohydrates, which means it is a high-calorie product. Here’s how many calories 100 grams contains:

  • creamy ice cream – about 200 kcal
  • fruit ice – about 150 kcal;
  • low-fat ice cream – about 100 kcal.

What is the most expensive ice cream in the world?

Thousands of tons of ice cream are eaten each year, and the main consumption peak is observed during hot summer months. Besides the usual ice cream in packs there are many other alternatives.I love visiting a wonderful cafe, in the old town of Trebinje (a small town in the south of Bosnia), that has more than 20 kinds of ice cream – delicious and creative.  For example, the Picasso ice cream – served on a palette-shaped plate, where each well has a different colored ball of ice cream and it’s all drizzled with colorful jam. But as always in the world, there are very expensive types of ice cream that are not available to everyone.

1. Strawberries Arnaud – $1,400,000

Strawberries Arnaud

The ice cream will be accompanied by a precious port, and a jazz band will accompany the eating action.

2. Absurdity Sundae – $60,000

Absurdity Sundae

The Absurdity Sundae is more than just a dessert. As in the case of our #1 ice cream, it comes with something, namely a trip to Africa to Mount Kilimanjaro, a 5* hotel, a hike to the very top, where you will be served the dessert, which, among other things, includes ice from the glaciers of Kilimanjaro.

3. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream – $25,000

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Frrrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream is served at Serendipity3, a Hellenic restaurant in New York City, a joint creation of its chef and Euphoria New York jewelers. and can be taken with you.

4. Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae – $3,333

Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae

“It’s not just ice cream” is the sauce used to sell all the world’s most expensive desserts. Three exceptional flavors are guaranteed with sauces made from three outstanding wines, and the order comes with exclusive 1850 design spoons.

5. Golden Opulence Sundae – $1,000

Golden Opulence Sundae

Golden Opulence Sundae includes exceptional ice cream, gorgeous vanilla and chocolate, as well as truffles, caviar (dessert), marzipan, golden dragons and edible gold. And there’s a lot of other expensive stuff that not only embellishes this dessert, but also adds to its value.

6. The Victoria – $1,000

The Victoria

Gold isn’t absent either, but the key to the price is the exclusive ingredients. Three varieties of vanilla – from Mexico, Tahiti and Madagascar, exclusive chocolate, the most delicate whipped cream, caramelized nuts, caramel, hot fudge, and yes, gold flakes, and an edible chocolate crown – can all be found in the most expensive ice cream in Chicago with Louis XIII de Rémy Martin.

7. Mauboussin Mega Sundae – $1,000

Mauboussin Mega Sundae

Gorgeous vanilla ice cream, macaroons, cookies, truffles, whipped cream, golden flakes, sherbet. Exclusive spirits often accompany the world’s most expensive desserts, and Mauboussin Mega Sundae will delight you with a vodka-based chocolate liqueur. But that’s not all. The plombard is served with a platinum ring from Mauboussin with diamonds.

8. The Black Diamond – $817

The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond ice cream is sold to you in Dubai. Along with beautiful memories of the delicate vanilla-truffle flavor with precious saffron and golden flakes, you’ll take home an exclusive cup and spoon.

9. Capannari Ice Cream – $190

Capannari Ice Cream

Chicago is known not only for gangsters, but also for knowing how to live here. And as one of the manifestations of hedonism – great ice cream, as much as six pints (about three kilograms)! Enough for a long time!

10. Truffle Ice Cream – $95

Truffle Ice Cream

Truffle Chocolate Ice Cream by Masa Takayama is served at barMASA (Los Angeles). The truffle and creamy flavor is complemented by edible gold decorations.