The most popular Energy drink logos and brands

Top 10 Energy Drink Logos

Energy drinks form very popular segment of the food market. Excessive demands on our activity and productivity require constant maintenance of high “charge” level, and many people find exit in energy drinks.

10. Arizona Rx Energy

Arizona Rx Energy logo

The drink refers to a group of low energizing beverages. Moreover, initially even the logo had references to herbal extracts, which allegedly became the basis for the drink formula. The original logo of the brand was a white cross on a green background. Today, the logo has changed a lot – now it is a multi-colored and multi-complex structure, based on a stylized sun and a halo around it. The center depicts a two-color name, actually dividing the image horizontally into two equal parts.

9. AMP

AMP logo

This brand is not in the list of energy drinks banned for sale to adolescents; therefore, it enjoys a wide popularity among schoolchildren, who, in fact, is its main target audience.

The logo is two-color – it uses green and violet. It is interesting that the name of the brand represents a continuous line looking like a cardiogram. Indeed, sugar and caffeine contained in the drink contribute to increased cardiac and physical activity.

8. Cocaine

Cocaine logo

Amazing brand, which was banned because of its name (and critical dosage of caffeine and taurine) almost immediately after its appearance on the US market – in fact, it was banned by Office of Food Control itself. Nevertheless, you can still find the drink in online stores, and it enjoys a certain popularity, especially among students during exam sessions, as well as among those young people who try to combine work, study and active nightlife.

Interestingly, the brand logo is simply a special font resembling a powder rail. Which is quite understandable, given the name.

7. Nos

Nos logo

The creators of this brand did well without any additional graphic images. The only element is the arrow that extends the letter N, creating the finial for the brand name and pointing to the right. Movement and activity – these are two principal factors which the logo creators made an emphasis on. These factors are also highlighted by the colors – white letter with a black outline look very sharp on this red background.

6. 5-Hour Energy

5-Hour Energy logo

For energy drink, this beverage contains relatively small dose of caffeine – just twice as much as in a large cup of coffee. The manufacturer positions this product as an everyday drink which keeps a person in tonus.

The logo represents a red glow on a black background. Against the background of its red center – the figure of a running athlete with a yellow outline and a similarly colored font. All together – the composition of the logo, and its color solution – creates a sense of tension and dynamics. Especially since the athlete is clearly heading towards the darkness.

5. Monster

Monster logo

The popularity of this brand had been growing steadily for several years until the drink was called the cause of the death of a young girl, which led to multiple lawsuits filed against the company. In several states the drink was banned, in others – it was banned from being sold to minors.

In the center of the logo, we can see a stylized letter “M“, which looks more like a bite mark from the clutches of an unknown monster. In addition, this bite mark has a clear glow. The font is also very aggressive – just like the name.

4. Rockstar

Rockstar logo

Being created for extreme sports fans, Rockstar drink fully performs its function, providing a short-term surge of energy and at the same time guaranteeing problems with metabolism in the distant future (too much caffeine, too much sugar, too many other stimulants).

The brand name inevitably found its reflection in the logo – the central sign is a yellow star with a triple (black, white and black) outline. The star also replaces the letter “A” in the font name. In addition, each letter acquired a special character – all of them are divided vertically into two parts, which gives additional dynamics to the entire logo.

3. Hype

Hype logo

One of the most durable energy drinks. The brand was created in 1990, and today it is among the top 5 energy drinks in almost 50 countries of the world. The logo is characterized by a specific minimalism – the letter “A” in the motto’s word “Maximum” lacks a crossbeam. A kind of appeal not to distract on unimportant little things and focus on the main issues.

2. Burn

Burn logo

The drink itself is a concentrate of caffeine and sugar. It is recommended to exclude it from the diet of minors, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers.

The logo is extremely concise – only two colors (red and black), only two objects – image and text. The image represents double ascending tongue of flame, emphasizing the “double force” of energy contained in a can of the drink.

1. Red Bull

Red Bull logo

Created in 1980 in Thailand, the Red Bull logo is a kind of declaration of constant movement and activity.

Raging bull in the center of the logo? The creators of the logo doubled the power of the impression. Standing against the background of the solar disk (we remember that the sun is also a very active star), the opponents are about to collide.

High competition among energy drink manufacturers requires them to create clear and concise logos, which would seem attractive for the consumers.