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Thomson Reuters is the name of the North American conglomerate, which was established in Toronto in 2008. Today the company, operating in the mass media segment, serves people across the globe and has its yearly revenue of about 6 billion USD.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Thomson Reuters has never been changed since the company was established through the merger of Thomson Corporation and Reuters Group, which touch the place in 2008.

The logo of the media conglomerate is composed of a bright yet delicate and modest emblem and a wordmark on its right. The emblem boasts an abstract swirl, composed of many solid orange dots of different sizes. In the middle of the circle, there is a smaller white one, symbolizing future and development.

Thomson Reuters Logo

The visual identity of the new company is fully based on the Reuters one, which has been using dots since 1965, and circular shapes — since 1995.

The wordmark in light gray is written in all capitals and executed in a modern and sleek sans-serif typeface with smooth and slightly rounded ends and edges. The typeface of the inscription looks similar to Blooming Elegant font.

The orange and gray color palette of the Thomson Reuters visual identity is a representation of confident energy, fundamental yet progressive approach, and passion, along with seriousness and professionalism. This light and crispy color combination makes the logo instantly recognizable and looks unique in the list of the conglomerate’s competitors.