The top 5 logos of the manufacturers of footwear

The top 5 logos of the manufacturers of footwear

Among the many fashion brands that offer shoes in literal sense of world class to their customers, we have chosen the top five. We offer for your attention the most worthy logos of the most fashionable shoe brands.  Strictly speaking, most of the shoes world-famed marks are also involved in the producing and disposal of clothes and other accessories.

5. H&M

H&M logo

The logo of this brand provides, on the one hand, minimalism, on the other – originality. In fact, it is “just” the name of the brand “H&M“, made in crimson and designer’s font.  Being focused on the middle class of consumers (including mid – price), the company mainly produced clothing and accessories, but shoes also, and recently – and cosmetics.

4. Giovanni Fabiani

Giovanni Fabiani logo


The brand and logo was created in 1971 in Milan, Italy and is laconic. In fact, the image is a combination of stylized letters (he first letters of the name of the owner and creator of the business).  The creators of the logo dispensed with frills and even the simplest decorations, despite the fact that the brand itself belongs to the domain of high fashion. Everything is very restrained and organic. Initially, brand the candle light was chosen as the symbol of the brand, but this idea was dropped. But, the shape of the current logo suggests that the idea to consider the brand as a ray of light in the world of shoes is relevant nowadays. Giovanni Fabiani brand is best known for extremely high quality materials and reliable accessories, highly decorated with decorative elements.

3. Puma

Puma logo

It is interesting to note that, the following two brands were “born” by the same company – a small family business of Dasslers. But, the economic crisis in Europe at the end of the Second world war demanded decisive measures to promote its project in the market. The brothers Dassler, who did not see eye to eye, divided the business into two, today very famous – “Puma” and “Adidas“.  The Puma logo is of a substantive nature or, in other words, contains a stylized image of the brand symbol – a big jumping cat. The logo is monochrome and recognizable: it emphasizes the rather aggressive market policy of the company.

2. Adidas

Adidas logo

The Adidas brand retained the symbol of the “parent” company – shamrock. In after years the logo was refined and modified many times. The modern logo is not an image of a shamrock only (traditionally having a symbolic meaning, the roots of which are in Christian culture). Also there are five horizontal stripes on the logo – blue and white. The three white stripes – is a symbol of the time (past, present and future), and the blue stripes – the main elements (if to perceive the shamrock as a symbol of the God and the Universe).  By the way, Adidas is the creator of the world’s first football boots. Actually, Adidas is one of the three world leaders in the creation of footwear for sports.

1. Nike

Nike logo

The Nike logo has marked a place for itself in the textbooks as the logo of optimal design, consisting of both a short and catchy brand name (only one syllable) and a very simple and recognizable image.  Ex-athletes (brand creators) developed Nike shoes that is why Nike goods are in such unprecedented demand.

All these brands are leaders in their production area. They also invested a lot of money in the development and promotion of their logo. But, it is not in vain, because if in the first years of their existence they worked for their logo, today the logo works for them. They help to choose a really high-quality and stylish shoes to potential buyers.