The most interesting KHL logos

The most interesting KHL logos

We are glad to show you the most interesting logos of the Kontinental Hockey League clubs and tell you some facts about their history.

HC Jokerit

jokerit hockey logo

HC Jokerit is a professional hockey club from Helsinki (Finland) established in 1967. Plays in the KHL since 2014/2015.

The name “Jokerite” is translated as “joker” and the logo of the Finnish club has the same meaning – a winking joker in the buffoon hat. In 1982, the logo was replaced by the letter “J” with the head of the card hero in the middle, and there were also some experiments with the color. But in 1988 they returned to the original version.

HC Barys

HC Barys logo

HC Barys is a professional hockey club from Astana established in 1999. Plays in the KHL since 2008/2009.

The team’s logo depicts snow leopard – the sacred symbol of the Kazakh people and their ancestors – living among rocks and eternal snows, on mountain peaks, in a place where the clouds meet. This mysterious and rare beast was a totemic animal and an indispensable character of works of fine art made in the famous Scythian-Altai animal style.

The snow leopard became the official symbol of Kazakhstan, the idea was proposed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his official message – “Strategy 2030”.

HC Atlant

HC Atlant logo

HC Atlant is a professional hockey club from Mytishchi established in 2005. Plays in the KHL since 2008/2009.

This season, the club has modernized its logo with the concept “Atlant – the player of the future” and the slogan “Created for victory”.

If the Atlanteans – the inhabitants of mythical Atlantis – are highly developed people with unique abilities, then the players of the “Atlant” hockey club are “super-hockey players” – players of the future.

The image has a clearly aggressive and dynamic character, reflecting the qualities of a real HC Atlant player. Staying committed to its traditions, the shield on the logo is associated with the shape of the spear point of St. George the Victorious – the former symbol of the club. Currently, a 3D model of the character depicted on the main logo is being developed – it will be used as the main image of the club player in printing and media.

HC Metallurg

HC Metallurg logo

HC Metallurg is a professional hockey club from Magnitogorsk established in 1995. Plays in the KHL since 2008/2009.

The logo depicts the team’s mascot – the fox, known to be a cautious, nightly predator, which is very difficult to lure into any trap. The logo was approved in May 2013. Metallurg is a team whose history originated in the flaming workshops of the domestic ferrous metallurgy flagship – Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine – a team with a will stronger than steel, a team whose victorious history glorifies MMK, Magnitogorsk and the Chelyabinsk Region on the world sports arena.

HC Avangard

HC Avangard logo

HC Avangard is a professional hockey club from Omsk established in 1950. Plays in the KHL since 2008/2009.

The symbolism of the Avanguard club incarnates the indomitable spirit of the team: its courage, perseverance, the will to victory. It retains traditions and a living history of the club. The logo remains virtually unchanged since 1998 – it is a recognizable and beloved letter “A” stylized as a swiftly diving hawk.

The logo’s style corresponds to modern trends: during the last update the hawk has acquired the additional contour, making it more dynamic, bright and aggressive. The updated Avanguard logo adds to the dynamic style of the club even more confidence and relevance. It represents the pulse of the sports life, the entertainment and the drive of modern hockey.

HC Tractor

HC Tractor logo

HC Tractor is a professional hockey club from Chelyabinsk established in 1947. Plays in the KHL since 2011/2012.

In the season 1993-1994, Tractor was to take part in the Spengler Cup in Switzerland; back then, the symbol of the club was a yellow tractor.

Swiss marketers decided to help the team look more impressive. In Europe, Russia is associated with bears, which is why it became the team’s mascot. As a result, the club’s logo now depicts polar bear, chewing a hockey stick.

HC Sochi

HC Sochi logo

HC Sochi is a professional hockey club from Sochi established in 2014. Plays in the KHL since 2014/15

Another hockey “kitty” – this time it is a leopard. It is associated with aggressiveness, ferocity and fearlessness. And since the spots on the leopard skin resemble the eyes, it is called “the vigilant watchman”. The shield, which depicts a leopard, symbolizes the fundamentality and firmness of positions, the fidelity in convictions.

Black is the basic color while golden is the most flexible one – it helps to overcome difficulties, promotes concentration of attention and personifies the sun – the source of warmth and life on the planet. The stripes of the Krasnodar Territory colors are the symbols of the all-round support of Krasnodar and the guarantee of the club’s effectiveness.

HC Salavat Yulaev

HC Salavat Yulaev logo

HC Salavat Yulaev is a professional hockey club from Bashkortostan established in 1961. Plays in the KHL since 2008/2009.

The club is named after Salavat Yulayev – the national hero of Bashkortostan. The logo depicts his stylized image (profile). It also includes is the image of the stick. Blue-white-green are the colors of the republic’s national flag.