The most interesting football league logos from around the world

interesting football league logosEngland: the lion’s head

English Premier League

In the season 2016/17, English Premier League ceased the cooperation with its main sponsor and at the same time modernized its logo. The main symbol of England – the lion – remained the same. But now the picture looks simpler – the big head of a lion instead of a heap of various symbols like a ball and a pedestal on which that same lion used to stand. This looks modern. Besides, such logo is convenient to use for mobile applications. British designers believe that new style is more suitable for modern target audience.

Nigeria: ball-shaped eagle

Nigeria supereagles logo

Nigerian team was nicknamed “supereagles” for a reason – without a long thought, Nigerian professional football league placed the image of the same bird on their official logo. Eagle on a green background looks great – especially if it “packed” into the shape of the ball.

Ukraine: the brand gifted by uefa

Ukraine championship logo

The new logo of the Ukraine championship was designed by UEFA, and they did it for free. It was a gift from the organization, which itself developed a strategy for the new brand. The logo represents the ball with a wide stripe in the center, white stars on the blue background and yellow color on the white one. The stars probably symbolize 16 Ukrainian clubs, although starting from the season 2016/17, the Championship has been reduced to 12 teams.

Australia: the ball in club colors

Australian A-League logo

The new logo for the Australian Championship appeared just before the start of 2017/18 season. Interestingly, the A-League logo changes its color depending on the club. That is, any of the Australian teams will be able to use the logo in their marketing campaigns, having painted it in the appropriate club colors. The initial color of the logo is orange.

Finland: gambling fan

Veikkausliiga logo

The Finns, perhaps, have the most unusual and interesting logo, since it refers primarily to the fans. This image is probably connected with the tournament’s sponsor – the bookmaker company. After all, its logo is the letter V. That is, the image of a gambling fan holding a scarf above his head perfectly fits into the concept.

Colombia: eagle’s league with the logo of a cup

Colombian liga aguila logo

Not only the Colombian championship has the unusual name – the League of Eagles – but it also has a vivid logo. Well, the eagle itself is not depicted on it. The large cup resembles the masterpieces of the artist Edvard Munch and the World Cup trophy at the same time – it is an unconventional concept that really attracts attention. Plus, the logo is composed of the national flag colors: yellow, blue and red.