The Importance of Branding When Designing Your Logo

How many times do you forget a company’s name but remember a company’s logo? I guess your answer is many times. Branding and logo help consumers to recognize your company as it gives them the first impression and creates awareness for your business.

The Importance of Branding When Designing Your Logo

But first, you need to understand the potential of branding when designing your logo. Branding is important because building a strong brand creates a brand identity.

So, read on.

What is a Logo?

A logo is a graphic symbol, mark, or emblem used for product, organization, or company identification. It is the essence and character of your brand. Having a memorable logo serves as a short cut in a competitive market.

What is a Brand?

Why is Branding Is Important When Designing A LogoA brand is all about, experience, interaction, and marketing by a business.

From a business owner’s view, a brand comprises of communication, the voice, promotion, marketing, and company presence.

From Customers view, a brand is a reputation and the experience with the company.

It is simply a visual voice that represents your company.

A brand changes how consumers think and interact with your business.

A stronger branding helps win many sales, despite the company selling price.

What is Branding?


It’s the active process of shaping consumer’s perception of your company. Branding is the steps you take to build your reputation and awareness.  Before making branding decisions consider your brand goal, and how to impress your customers. Also, have a strategy to guide you in making the brand decisions.

The Difference between a Logo and a Brand

A brand and logo are not the same things. A brand is the voice and reputation of the business. A logo is graphic design with a name while a brand represents a business giving the logo a meaning. When both are well designed, they effectively and efficiently communicate about your business. At the end of it all, it’s about making the right impression to customers, which helps your business sales to increase and make a positive impact on consumers.

Why is Branding Is Important When Designing A Logo?

  1. Grabs attention

Do you know that consumers have less than 3 seconds of attention span? Branding will help grab your customers’ attention by creating the first impression. It convinces your customers that your products are worth considering. Once the customers are attracted to your product, it becomes easy to recognize it and refer to friends and family members to the product.

  1. Brand identity

Brand identity is the face of the bran, which includes aspects such as colors, packaging, logos, and typography.

Branding your business will tell a story that influences the emotions of the customer. It helps to create a concrete and marketable brand identity.

  1. Creates memorable visual


Your customers use the logo to identify and recognize your brand. Occasionally, the customer forgets your company name. But, a brand helps customers recall your business. The visual design also engages your customers. The creative you are the better, but keep it simple and easy to understand.

  1. Differentiate your business from your competitors.

In the market, there will be other businesses competing for more customers. But a good branding in designing a logo tells about your unique business. It conveys your values and communicates why your business is different from the others. Ensure your logo is unique and is different from the others

  1. Creates consistency

As customers transact business with you, they get to know and understand your business better. Branding helps in familiarization and creating trust with your customers. A brand helps you stand out from the rest, and its impression is the reason why consumers spend more on certain products.

Factors to Consider When Designing Your Brand Logo

  • Simple enough to work in different media.
  • Distinctive for easy recognition
  • Effective on any size, whether on a pen or billboard
  • Good color to make a good impact
  • Detail oriented on every element
  • Appropriate imagery and visuals to avoid confusion

Key Elements of Designing Brand

  • Determining the purpose of the brand

You should identify the reason for your brand existence, which helps to position your product. Positioning your brand is to lay the ground for the work of differentiating yourself from your competitors.

  • Market Research

Conducting thorough market research helps you to understand the market and the customer’s needs. The research can be done one on one, over the phone or online survey.

  • Use Visual graphics

This phase involves creating design assets, graphics, and photographs. Pictures or graphics design grab the customers’ attention. It also helps the customer to remember your company.

Branding your logo is a vital part of your business. It helps your company to stand out and is necessary for every business because it creates awareness of your business.

Are you planning to design your company’s business logo? Remember the importance of branding when designing your logo as it will help create your first impression. Use the above strategy, to choose the right branding for designing your logo.