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Telia Company AB is a telecommunications company and mobile network operator working in over seven countries of Europe. Its headquarters are in Stockholm. 39.5% of the company is owned by the Government of Sweden, and the company is also traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Meaning and history

Telia Logo history

Over time, the Telia logo has evolved from a rather cluttered emblem to a sleek and modern design.

What is Telia
Telia operates a global IP backbone network, which is known as the world’s second-largest one. The Swedish company employs 20,800 people and has a revenue of over 89 billion Swedish kronor (2020).

1984 – 1993 – Televerket

Telia Logo 1984

In its current form, the company was established in 2002, but its roots can be traced as far back as to 1853, when the Swedish Kungl. Telegrafverket was created. In 1953, the name of the brand was simplified to Televerket.

One of the last logos of this brand showcase a royal crown combined with a five-pointed star. The star was surrounded by lightning bolts. The crown and the star were black, while the background was orange.

1993 – 2000 – Telia

Telia Logo 1984

Following a series of structural transformations, Telia AB was founded in 1993. It was a shareholding company that belonged to the government.

Its visual brand identity was heavily inspired by that of Televerket. You could see the same crown-and-star emblem, only this time, it was white and looked smaller. The emblem was white. It was placed inside a blue rectangle together with the wordmark, also in white. There was a bright red stripe to the left.

2000 – 2004

Telia Logo 2000

The Telia logo became fundamentally different. The heavy rectangles were gone. The wordmark was now set in a lighter, rounded sans. This time, all the letters were capitalized. The type looked unique, and it was also more eye-catching due to the red color.

To the right, a roundel emblem could be seen. The emblem was made up of multiple circles varying in size. The circles, in their turn, were made up of smaller circles. According to the press release, red represented warmth and closeness, whereas the circles conveyed movement and paths for communication and information. Additionally, the design could be interpreted as telecommunications signals.

The brand agency behind the update was Interbrand.

2004 – 2011

Telia Logo 2004

The design was made more minimalistic by dropping the rings emblem. The red color was replaced by cooler and slightly electronic magenta.

2011 – 2016

Telia Logo 2011

This is when the so-called pebble logo was introduced. On the one hand, it looked like a radical departure from all the previous versions. On the other hand, if you took a closer look, you could notice some similarities in the overall approach and style.

The emblem now looked like a pebble (or should we call it a precious gem?). It was dark purple, with a light gradient and multiple white “veins”. Interestingly, the veins somehow echoed the rings from the 2000 logo due to their sheer number and dynamism, although, technically speaking, the shapes were different.

While the wordmark had been redrawn, there was still something liquid and rounded about it.

2016 – present

Telia Logo

The most obvious update was the color. The overall proportions of the glyphs remained unchanged, but the type is slightly more rounded. The “a” was redrawn, and there are other, less noticeable, new details.

Colors and font

Telia Symbol

For the version of the Telia logo released in 2016, a more vibrant and straightforward shade of purple was chosen. It has a neon touch, which adds a “techy” feel. On the downside, it’s not as noble as its predecessor.

The typeface is a custom one, and it greatly contributes to the distinctive style of the logo.