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TeamSkeet is the name of an adult-content website, which boasts one of the largest porn video collections, available online. The platform unites more than 70 different channels, using the common search engine, which simplifies the process of finding the needed video. The website was launched in 2011.

Meaning and history

TeamSkeet differs from its competitors by a really large collection of videos, which was achieved by uniting dozens of platforms under one roof. Today the website offers its visitors to search through almost six thousand movies and clips, which are updated daily.

TeamSkeet has a bright and easy-to-use interface with a convenient menu and search engine. All videos in a high-definition format are categorized and tagged. There is also a preview function when scrolling through the content, which makes it easier to choose the right one. Most of the content on the website is available on a subscription basis, and you can choose between monthly or yearly payment options.

What is TeamSkeet?
TeamSkeet is the name of a popular porn-video online platform, which was founded in 2011. The website includes several adult-content sources, which are all United under one roof, creating one of the largest collections of porn videos available online.

As for the visual identity of TeamSkeet, there are two options: the graphical badge, with silver medallion as the basis, and instantly recognizable emblem among the fans of x-rated content, and the simple bold logotype in black and green, which is used for the pages of the website, reflecting the professional approach and reliability of the platform. The only thing that both versions have in common is the bright shade of green, a symbol of growth and wealth, which has always been a part of the TeamSkeet visual identity.

2011 — Today


The primary logo of TeamSkeet is a graphical badge, with three lines of lettering on it. The palette and tag theme give the logo of the porn website TeamSkeet an unusual touch and make it stand out among its competitors.
The TeamSkeet logo is broken down into three lines. The word “team” in dark grey with a barely visible gradient is followed by the green lettering “Skeet” below, also with a gradient. The rounded tops of the “A” and “M” are very distinctive and provide a memorable signature. The third line consists of the full name of the website in dark blue. The logo is placed in a green tag hanging down on a silvery chain with a thick black outline for better visibility.