Stone Island Logo

Stone Island Logo PNG

Stone Island is a luxury Italian brand of casual and street wear designer and manufacturer. The brand is famous among worlds celebrities and it highly respected in the world of fashion for its innovative fabrics and outstanding design.

Meaning and history

The Stone Island logo was created by the brand’s founder, Massimo Osti. It is composed of an emblem and a wordmark.

19?? – 2008

2008 – now

The Stone Island emblem is a modified compass rose, which is placed on top of the wordmark, starting between the two words of the brand’s name. One more version of the logo is enclosed in a round frame with the wordmark located on its perimeter and the wind rose in the center.

The brand is famous for using technological fabrics, which is inspired by nautical and military services, and the emblem is a good representation of the company’s strong points.

The wordmark in all-caps is executed in a traditional sans-serif font with bold classic lines. It is narrowed and makes an impression of growing upwards.

The color palette of the brand varies from monochrome to green and yellow combination, when used on famous Stone Island badges. It is one more unique detail of the brand — all the logo badges are removable, just like on military uniforms.