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Stabilo is a brand of a famous stationery manufacturing company, Schwan-Stabilo, which was founded in 1855 in Germany through the merger of Schwan Cosmetics and Stabilo international.

Meaning and history

The Stabilo logo is instantly recognizable across the globe. Looking elegant on its stationery goods, it became synonymous with the quality mark of pens and pencils.

The logo of the brand is composed of a wordmark and an Eminem
On its left. The “Stabilo” inscription in all capitals is executed in a bold geometric sans-serif, which is close to Wendy One font.

The letters feature trapezoid vertical bars, with their lower sides at the bottom. It makes the lettering look as if they are growing upwards, reflecting the progressive approach of the company.

Stabilo Logo

The Stabilo emblem is a tribute to one of the brand’s forming companies — it depicts a swan silhouette enclosed in a circle framing. The swan is facing left and has its bottom part straight it cut, which balances the geometry of the nameplate’s typeface.

The red and white color palette of the brand’s visual identity is a reflection of power and energy. It evokes a sense of passion and warmth, showing the company as strong and the one with a strong link to its roots and heritage.

When placed on the brand’s products, the logo is offer executed in white or silver and enclosed in a horizontal oval frame. It looks timeless and sophisticated, while the light colors evoke a sense of loyalty and high-quality.