You can see these logotypes every day on sports channels, advertisements, and clothes. They are acknowledged throughout the world, just like the organizations they represent. You know them, too. But do you know how each sports leagues logo was created, what it means, and why it was chosen to serve as league’s symbolics? It’s time to enrich your knowledge and disclose some interesting facts about well-known sports leagues and their logotypes. Read the history of leagues and find out what the logotypes mean and how they were developed. We will analyze the emblems in details: fonts, colors, images, style.

NBA Logo
Sports Leagues logos
The NBA logo was introduced in 1969. Its creation can be considered a result of the rivalry between the American …
UEFA logo
Sports Leagues logos
Founded in 1954, the Union of European Football Associations has gone through more than one logo modification. Since at least …
UFC Logo
Sports Leagues logos
The earliest Ultimate Fighting Championship wordmark appeared in 1993 and featured a bold sans-serif typeface. Simultaneously, a more complex UFC …