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SpongeBob Square Pants is a famous animated tv-show, which was created in 1999 and by today has released over 269 episodes and one movie. The comedy tells about the submarine world and its inhabitants’ adventures. The main character is Sponge Bob.

Meaning and history

SpongeBob Logo history

It’s interesting, that the iconic cartoon character’s original name was not SpongeBob, but SpongeBoy, and the tv-series name had to be “SpongeBoy Ahoy”, but this name was already registered, so the creators came up with SpongeBob.


SpongeBob Logo 1997
The original logo for the Sponge Bob franchise was introduced in 1997 and stayed with it for a couple of years. It was a hand-drawn inscription in two levels, with both parts are written in the same style and size. The lettering was executed in bold orange lines with a thin black outline, which allowed placing it on various backgrounds without losing its brightness and recognizability.

1999 — 2016

SpongeBob Logo 1999
The redesign of 1999 made the logo brighter and more intense. The lettering was redrawn in pink and placed on a gradient blue background, representing the sea, where the main hero of the cartoon lives. On the left from the wordmark, there was a yellow image of Sponge Bob, and the blue background of the banner was decorated with simple contoured delivers in the darker shade of blue.

2016 — Today

SpongeBob logo

The SpongeBob logo is bright and playful, it is instantly recognizable all over the globe due to its playful shape and pattern.

The SpongeBob logo is composed of a wordmark, placed on a colorful background, resembling a puddle.

The lettering of the SpongeBob nameplate is executed in a custom hand-drawn typeface with bold lines and funny jumping shapes. The yellow color of the inscription is complimented by a sponge texture, which adds volume and fun to the logo.

The “Squarepants” tagline in all capitals is placed under the nameplate on a dark blue rectangular banner with a wooden pattern. The white lettering is executed in a smooth sans-serif typeface with the tail of the letter “Q” elongated and reaching the “A”.

The light blue puddle has white accents on it, which add volume dynamics to an image. There are also two childish flower sketches drawn on a light blue background in thin white lines.