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Spankbang is an American porn hosting service. It’s one of the newer generic providers of adult films. They are not as mainstream as XVideos or Pornhub, but it still seems to be a legitimate website. It’s just that not much is known about the place, even though it’s a big enough provider now.

Meaning and History

The website seems to have been established during the 2010s. It’s one of the new arrivals to the porn industry, although they’ve already accumulated millions of unique users. It’s an American provider without clear focus on any special genre, despite the name choice.

2010s – today

SpankBang Logo

The distinctive emblem elaborates on the heart theme providing the age-old symbol of love with a fresh interpretation. The heart is followed by the name of the project given in circle-based letters with rounded corners. The simple sans serif typeface provides excellent legibility.