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Taking into consideration the fact that S.Pellegrino has a more than 120-year history, it is only natural that the logo of the Italian natural mineral water brand has gone through multiple modifications. What is surprising is how subtle these modifications have been. The iconic five-pointed star, for instance, has been with the brand at least since the 1920s.

Meaning and history

The Sanpellegrino Company was established in San Pellegrino Terme, Bergamo, in 1899. However, by then, the mineral water had been produced here for at least five hundred years. According to a legend, Leonardo da Vinci visited the place in 1509 to taste and examine the water.
While we do not know for sure whether this actually happened, history has preserved for us several examples of the earliest versions of the S.Pellegrino logo found in print advertising of the 1910s-1930s.
S. Pellegrino Logo

On the bottles, you could already see the five-pointed star paired with the wordmark in block capitals.
The name of the brand in the ads looked pretty different. There were versions featuring a rather unpredictable and artistic script and versions with generic scripts based on serif and sans serif typefaces. At some periods, the letters formed a straight line, while other versions featured an arched logo.
Back then, the name of the brand included the word “Aqua” meaning “water” (Aqua S.Pellegrino). This word, however, was often given in smaller letters.
Almost all the ads conveyed two ideas. First, that drinking water was essential for health. Also, that S.Pellegrino was a premium brand for fine dining table water.

Current emblem

Logo S. Pellegrino
The modern version looks very much like many of its predecessors. The type is a rather bold one, with elegant thin serifs. It is in no way minimalist: the bars in the “E” have different lengths, the “R” has an unusual curved end, the ends of some of the glyphs are cut diagonally. The star is red with white trim.
The designers of the San Pellegrino logo have managed to preserve a balance: you can feel the heritage but the design does not look utterly old-fashioned.