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While the original RedTube logo was heavily inspired by that of YouTube, the current one has an independent, more unique look.

Meaning and history

RedTube Logo history

2007 – 2009

RedTube Logo 2007

RedTube, which is among the highest-ranking projects within the Pornhub Network, was started in 2007. As of January 2019, the website had the Alexa rank of 256.

In the old emblem, the similarity with that of YouTube was emphasized. In addition to the palette, the previous logo also replicated the YouTube emblem in its structure: the word was broken into two parts with the help of the capital “T.”


RedTube Logo 2009

If the first logo instantly made an association with the “YouTube” logo thanks to the font choice and the use of red color, this logo is completely different. The name is now split into red and white parts, where “Red” is printed using a bolder font, and “Tube” features more delicate strokes. The black rectangle serves as the base just line in the previous version. However, the rounded frame with rounded form is now done in white and features a thinner line to match the second half of the name. There is also “TM” added to the name using a small basic font. The designers preserved the bold and daring look of the emblem while making it unique to the platform.

2010 – 2013

RedTube Logo 2010

A few modifications were introduced the next year. The company simply removed the white frame, keeping only the black rectangular base and giving it a solid color. In addition, the word “Red” now featured a more saturated red gradient with a highlight at the top.

2013 – Today

RedTube logo

Once again, the company made only minor updates to the logo. They removed the black background, which was the major update. The inscription used the same font as the one introduced back in 2009. The logo turned out simple and modern. It did not tell much about the content of the platform, but it was not necessary given its popularity.

Current symbol

RedTube symbol

In case of the current symbol, the only similarity with the YouTube logo is probably the palette. In its overall structure, the RedTube emblem is completely independent.

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The modern logo features only capital letters. The word “Red” is given in a bold type, while the lettering “Tube” is much thinner. One more thing to help create the border between the two parts of the word is the color of the letters (red for the first part, white or black for the second part).

The “R” contains a distinctive red triangle standing for the “play” button. This icon gives a visual clue to the type of website the logo represents.

Emblem versions

RedTube emblem

In addition to the primary RedTube logo typically seen on the website, you can also come across a 3D version. It doesn’t differ from the main one that much apart from the gradient on the word “Red.” Also, the lettering “Tube” can be either white or red, depending on the background.



One of the weaknesses of the type is that there’s too little breathing space between the letters “U” and “B.” While the letters on the first and second parts of the wordmarks have different thickness, they seem to belong to the same type. At least, they both feature the distinctive “E” with its shortened middle bar.


logo RedTube

Describing the color scheme, we may call it the “night” version of the YouTube palette. In both cases, we see the combination of white, black, and the same shade of red. The RedTube logo, though, has a black background, which is the most common background color for web resources in the adult category.