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Pure Romance Logo
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Pure Romance is the name of a Multi-Level Marketing company, which was founded in the United States in 1993. The company specialized in the distribution of intimate products and sex toys for women, along with some hygiene and cosmetic items, which are only available to buy directly through the consultant of the brand.

Meaning and history

Pure Romance Logo history

Today Pure Romance, an MLM network brand, established by Patty Brisben at the beginning of the 1990s, has consultants distributing its products for adults in several countries across the globe, on different continents, including Africa and Australia.

The intimacy products business, which today is one of the world’s largest in this segment, began with a small store, where the founder, Patty Brisben, was selling perfumes, massage oils, and sex-toys. The store was pretty popular, which are the founder started thinking of its expansion, and the idea of the multi-level marketing network was born.

The Pure Romance products can be bought only through the company’s consultants, and at ladies-only parties. The second option is especially popular, and it made the management of the company rethink its strategy once again and acquire several other party-related MLM brands in the 2010s.

What is Pure Romance?
Pure Romance is the adult-products MLM network, which is specialized in women intimacy items, cosmetics, and sex toys distribution. The company was established by Patty Brisben in 1993, and today has its consultants operating in several countries across the world.

As for the visual identity, Pure Romance is tender and feminine, yet at the same time its logo is professionally executed and its clean distinctive contours evoke a sense of confidence and expertise. The logo of the company was only redesigned once, simplifying and strengthening the original symbol, and complementing it with the wordmark.

Old Logo

Pure Romance Logo old

The original Pure Romance badge was laconic and three-dimensional. Its only element was a voluminous pink ribbon, which was building up an open heart shape. The gradient pink shades were smooth, light, and tender, and the overall image looked very friendly and showed the caring and loving mood of the company to its customers.

New Logo


Pure Romance Logo

After the redesign, the Pure Romance badge was simplified and redrawn in a flat two-dimensional manner. The shade of pink was enhanced to fuchsia, and some white lines are now supporting the graphical part of the badge, which fully repeats the shape on the initial version. As for the lettering, it is set under the heart emblem, executed in the uppercase of a sophisticated sans-serif typeface, with the elegant bars slightly flared to their ends.