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Like many adult websites, PornTube created its brand identity with reference to the most popular video streaming website, YouTube. Earlier, there was also an icon making the brand identity more distinctive and giving it a unique touch.

Wordmark symbol

PornTube symbol

The name of the project is broken into two parts. You can see the word “Porn” in white followed by “Tube” in red.

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In what way is the PornTube logo similar to that of YouTube? To begin with, the very names of the projects share the same structure, both ending with “Tube.” So, it’s only natural that in both the logos the name of the project consists of two parts separated from each other by the capital “T” and by the fact that they have different colors. We should point out that we mean not the current YouTube wordmark, but the old one, which had a rectangular around “Tube.”

Old emblem

PornTube emblem

In addition to the wordmark, the old logo comprised a pictorial icon. Here, you could see two squares with rounded corners placed one behind the other. The larger square, which was red, was a stylized devil, while the smaller grey square depicted an angel with a halo above her.



While the sans serif type featured on the PornTube logo is pretty generic, it’s also quite legible. For a designer, it appears to be a safe choice. The lettering appears to lack breathing space – you can see how the “T” is sandwiched between the “u” and “n.” While such an approach doesn’t help to make the wordmark more legible, it makes the lettering more compact and thus save some space on the page for other purposes.


logo PornTube

Like many other adult websites, PornTube uses the YouTube-inspired combination of red, white, and black. The shade of red is slightly different, though, than the one featured on the YouTube logo. In addition to this palette, there were several shades of grey on the old icon.