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Pornktube is a Dutch-based, international porn platform. The website was created in 2016 with no clear idea besides hosting adult films and porn videos. So, there’s really nothing special about it. They are notable for a more old-fashioned design of their pages, but it’s very similar to the big sites.

Meaning and History

Pornktube was established in 2016 as a free portal for pornographic content. As such, they are among the newer arrivals to the online porn industry. Even so, it’s grown a big audience now, mainly because of their easy, free access. The name is partially derived from ‘YouTube’ – a big video hosting service by Google.

2016 – today

PornkTube Logo

On the logo, the lettering “PornkTube” is presented as a single word in capital letters without being broken into two parts. The bright but somewhat irritating contrast of black and white has been softened to dark grey and white. The letter “O” has a white filling, which gives it a suggestive pictorial quality.