Pornhub Logo

Pornhub Logo

Pornhub is known as the largest pornography website sharing both professional and amateur materials. It started working in 2007.

Pornhub logo meaning and history

Pornhub logo

Founded in Montreal, Pornhub has also offices in San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans, and London. In 2010, the website became the property of Manwin (MindGeek).

Symbol Pornhub

Pornhub symbol

The current Pornhub logo features the word “Pornhub” inside a black rectangular box. The first four letters are given in white, while the black lettering “hub” is placed inside an orange box. The orange box looks as a button inviting the user to click it.

The old logo looked almost exactly as the current one, but there was a broken line under the word “hub.”

Emblem Pornhub variations

Emblem Pornhub

The emblem is sometimes modified depending on what’s going on in the community. For instance, in October, the Breast cancer awareness month, the orange box on the logo was replaced by a bright fuchsia one. Also, the site may change its logotype for the Mother’s Day. For instance, in 2017, the orange box was replaced by a pink one, while a vase of flowers appeared to the right.

Font of the Pornhub Logo

Pornhub Logo font

At first glance, the typeface may seem very much like the well-known Arial Bold. Yet, if you take a closer look, you will definitely notice that some letters look a bit different. So, it is either a customized version of Arial Bold, or a slightly different font.

Color of the Pornhub Logo

Pornhub logo color

The combination of orange, black, and white (where black dominates) has been featured on the Pornhub logo for years. Some people suppose the reason for this is that these colors don’t make one’s eyes sore at night. This explanation actually makes sense, especially if we take into consideration that this is not the only porn site using this palette. For instance, black is also the king on the Brazzers logo, with smaller presence of white and yellow.