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Probably the most distinctive features of the PornHD logo are the vivid and fresh color scheme and the letters that appear to be stuck together.

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The shade of pink chosen for the lettering “HD” may be a bit warmer than a typical magenta but is still incredibly bright and eye-catching. The first part of the insignia features a hue close to the color of the sky on a sunny summer morning. It creates a dramatic contrast with the pink sector of the logo.

Logo PornHD

While the letters in the word “Porn” are so close that they slightly overlap at some points, the glyphs “H” and “D” have an even more pronounced overlapping effect – the letters merge.

What is PornHD?
PornHD is a website that specialized in adult video content and is mostly known for a huge collection of porn movies and clips in Hight Definition. The website has millions of users across the globe and offers free access to a pretty significant part of its catalog.

Font and color

PornHD Logo

The main and only element of the PornHD visual identity is its wordmark. The inscription is set in all capitals of a stable modern sans-serif typeface, which is pretty similar to such fonts as Liliana Black, Integral CF Demi Bold, and LCT Picon Extra Bold. But the thing that makes the logo of the pornography website so special is the spacing between the letters of its wordmark. Some of the letters are placed so close, that they merge into each other, forming new elements.

As for the color palette of the PornHD badge, it is based on a pretty standard combination of blue and pink, male and female, brutal and feminine. The blue part is twice larger than the pink one, and this makes the whole badge look stable and confident, while the bright pink “HD” adds a sense of playfulness and passion.