Xiaomi presents “squircle” logo

While presenting its new Mi Mix Fold smartphone, Xiaomi has also unveiled an updated version of its logo. Although this new iteration hardly has any considerable changes, the representatives of the Chinese manufacturer spent 20 minutes, telling about the new design.

The whole renovation about the Xiaomi logo concerns its form. Becoming roundier, the emblem has already been nicknamed “squircle” as it is neither a circle nor a square with rounded corners. Despite the simplicity of the redesign, the company, acknowledging it, claims it reflects the brand’s mentality and internal spirit.

In addition, Xiaomi told that it initiated the rebranding back in 2017. The company also shared the variants of the logo which were considered during the development process. Number 3 was eventually chosen from among the proposed versions, considering some mathematical equations, according to the firm.

At first sight, all of this may seem ridiculous, but this is how rebranding processes normally go. Brands usually present their new visual identities in a self-indulgent, long-winded way. It’s equally true for Apple, Google or Samsung.

With the presented logo, as Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun said, the company continues a broader rebrand managed by Kenya Hara, a famous Japanese graphic designer. Hara’s concept of the emblem, called “Alive” is intended to symbolize the rich capabilities of Xiaomi.