Winston-Salem’s Carolina Classic Fair gets new logo

The Carolina Classic Fair takes place every autumn in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After replacing the word “Dixie”, which caused some controversy, with the “Carolina” in the fair’s name, the management continues the rebranding by rolling out a new logo for the event.

Created by Elephant in the Room, a local design agency, the fair’s new visual identity includes two logo versions. One of them is a round emblem on a blue background that features the multicolor all-caps lettering “Carolina Classic Fair” around the edge and the white outline of North Carolina surrounded by radial lines in different colors. The shape of the state yet in blue with the colored lines is also incorporated into the other version, accompanied by the straight “Carolina Classic Fair” inscription.

According to Chad Cheek, Elephant in the Room’s president, the logo’s design was inspired by a Ferris wheel, fireworks and other cheerful things you can find at a fair with its sprightly and warm atmosphere.

While the colored letters are the evocation of the Dixie Classic Fair single-lettering logo, the North Carolina shape illustrates the fair’s new name and tells that CCF is one of the promenent events in the state.

The renewed identity including the new website will officially be introduced at the 2020 Carolina Classic Fair planned to be held Oct. 2-11.