Webhelp: New logo for helping people

Founded in 2000, Paris-based company Webhelp has grown to an international enterprise providing customer experience and business process outsourcing. Today, it has over 140 subsidiaries in 35 countries with nearly 50 thousand employees. Developing the customer service technology, Webhelp has doubled its revenue over the last four years.

While moving on, the BPO company has recently rolled out a new identity. To create the updated look, Webhelp collaborated with Futurebrand, an international design team.
The basic idea of the Futurebrand designers about the rebranding was to show Webhelp’s people-oriented character. Carried-out under slogan “We make business more human”, the new brand represents the enterprise’s capability to help customers and its striving for continuous development. Such a concept will contribute to build an advanced system of interaction between the company and clients.

The humanity motif can be clearly seen in the new w-shaped logo with its rounded edges making it resemble a heart. In the brand system, the designers made a great play with this form and other things like fried eggs, a cloud or a pretzel, and that adds a bit frolicsomeness to the brand.
All the new brand’s elements showcase Webhelp’s traditions in technical support, swiftness and ability to take uncommon decisions.