Waupaca gets a new emblem

The City Council of Waupaca, Wisconsin, has approved a new logo for the city which will also be used by the local Convention and Visitors Bureau.
The logo designed in tile and navy-blue colors includes a stylized “W”, which may stand for both city and state, along with 18 75 placed on either side of it – the founding year of Waupaca – and also the inscriptions “City of Waupaca” and “Wisconsin”.

The city’s emblem has been developed by the Richardson-based design agency CivicBrand specializing on creating brands for investment and tourism institutions. According to the agency’s CEO Ryan Short, the logo can reflect the local community’s spirit and Waupaca’s hospitality to welcome tourists. Renewing the brand of the city, the authorities want to show that Waupaca has a lot of attractive sites to visit, many of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Some local historic and nature sites, like the Chain O’Lake area, Waupaca Foundry or Hartman Park, were visited by the CivicBrand team before they had created the logo.
The new brand will be officially introduced in the beginning of the next year. The full implementation of Waupaca’s renewed image will take some time, and will be carried out by the city authorities and commercial organizations.