Volkswagen makes a new logo fitting modern technologies

More than a year ago, Volkswagen promised to unveil its new logo. This was planned to take place in April, but the carmaker postponed it until September. The renewed Volkswagen logo has been presented concurrently with the ID.3 electric engine, so it, maybe, has received less attention than the new drivetrain.

You can notice the changes in the VW logo at first sight as it has dropped unessential details and its lines have become much thinner. According to Jochen Sengpiehl, Volkswagen’s Chief Marketing Manager, the logo’s reshaping was carried out to make it more compatible with the latest digital applications. In this, the company tries to make a new experience based on the cut-edge technologies.

Volkswagen has already introduced the redesigned logotype in the United Kingdom, and soon it will be presented in other countries. It will appear on all the VW cars.