UK’s Vauxhall unveils a new flat logo

The logo flattening fashion among automakers is still going on. Following some of the world’s largest manufacturers, UK’s Vauxhall Motors has changed its emblem to fit more for the requirements of the contemporary market.

While offering a fresher and cleaner look, the updated logotype showcases Vauxhall’s iconic griffin with a bit altered outlines. The creature is now depicted without the wing that swooped around in all of the previous versions, and the V-flag has dropped the staff, merging with the edging. Getting rid of the dimensional metallic design, the emblem has kept its traditional red-and-white color palette. Such a simplification corresponds with the modern rules of the brand promotion in the digital environment.
Although the Vauxhall wordmark is still in its customary all-caps sans-serif typeface with wide strokes, its color was changed to deep blue. According to the manufacturer, the combination of this tint and the griffin’s red emphasizes the heritage of Vauxhall Motors as a confidently British car brand with a 117-year-old history.
As Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s managing director, said, the brand overhauling in a simple yet clear style strengthens the company’s positions on the market. It also shows Vauxhall’s ceaseless evolution and aspiration for innovative solutions.