Two 2026 Winter Olymics logos available to vote

In June 2019, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided that the 2026 Winter Olympic Games would take place in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. After several cities withdrew their candidature, only the duo Milan/Cortina and the Swedish pair Stockholm/Ere had left to vote. According to some information, IOC gave preference to the Italian cities of Lombardy and Veneto due to a higher approval level of the Olympics among the local population.

Last week, the National Olympic Committee of Italy presented two logos, one of which has to become the official emblem of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. And, for first time in history, the Olympics will get a logo through people’s online vote, as the Italian NOC proudly says. The winner will known on March 22nd.

The logos have received the conventional names Futuro and Dado. Both of them feature “26” as a central element, differing in design. Futuro showcases a really futuristic design with a three-dimensional, gray-to-white gradient 26, while Dado’s 26 is executed in a more traditional way, referring with its green and red on a white background to the colors of the Italian flag.

As for the logo for the 2026 Winter Paralympic Games, it is still being drafted. NOC of Italy will soon present it at a special event.