Tumblr’s new logo criticized on web

Tumblr, a microblog service, was launched in 2007. It took five years for it to win a sufficient popularity with alternative musician and artists, and other people with outside-the-box thinking. Now, many things about the social media have changed, leading to some declining interest among users.

Recently, the platform’s community has met a new logo of the service as a result of the administration’s endevours to refresh the image of Tumblr. It represents a lowercase “t” which was obviously taken from the previous emblem. Turning the “t” into a solid single symbol, the designers drew the letter with overlapping lines, choosing a gradient of purple and orange for coloring.

Although the “t” was sometimes used earlier, having a relatively simple design, the new iteration is distinguished with brighter colors and an unconventional design with crossing lines and gaps in them. Unveiled online, such a solution, however, was criticized for being visually uncomfortable. Also, it was noticed the new color gamma is very much like that of the Instagram logo.

On social media, users expressed their disapproval towards the design, saying it is not appropriate for the service, and such a drawing colored like that is really irritating.