Trump presents Space Force logo resebling Star Track emblem

Established in December 2019 as a separate service branch of the US Armed Forces, the US Space Force has got a logo. The Space Force emblem was unveiled by President Donald Trump in his twitter on January 24th.

However, the logotype immediately caused a lot of criticism as it resembles much the logo of the Starfleet from the iconic sci-fi TV series “Star Track”. Indeed, the likeness of the two emblems can be noticed at first glance. The silver arrow of the Space Force looks pretty similar to the Starfleet’s spaceship, and both of them are encompassed by orbital lines.


Many people, including the actors who played in “Star Track”, were wondering about the design of the Space Force logo. It looks as if the designers might unconsciously copy the familiar traits of the StarTrack emblem, and it seems quite bewildering that the administration has approved it.

At the same time, responding to the criticism, the representatives of the White House and Pentagon point out that the logo of the Air Force Space Command, a unit that preceded the Space Force, featured the same elements – the arrow, globe, orbits and stars – and nobody said it was stolen from “Star Track”. So, the presented logo just inherits the design of the AFSC emblem.