The Sydney Harbour Bridge gets a new symbol

BridgeClimbe Sydney is a popular tourist attraction in Australia which offers climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and some other high construction of the city. Recently, Hammon Holdings, a management company for BridgeClimb, has changed the logo of the enterprise. BridgeClimb’s new symbol has been developed by The Works, a design studio that won Hammon Holdings’ competition for renewing the logo. While creating the logotype, the studio also gave some hints on how it can be used, and what materials it can be made of.

Compared to the old logo that represented a simple image of the Sydney Harbour bridge, the new one looks more stylish and modern, distinguished by sharp lines of arcs and beams.
Apart from other things, the project has been influenced by the opinions of the BridgeClimbe staff. The employees expressed their hope that both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the company have a quiet good chance to become world-wide recognizable brands. According to the BridgeClimbe officials, The Works have done a great job as they have been able to present a graphical embodiment of these expectations.
With the new logo, BridgeClimb is ready to climb new business heights as the Sydney Harbour Bridge attracts more and more tourists.