The Railroad Commission of Texas introduces new logo and online services to improve its image

Established in 1891, the Railroad Commission of Texas is the oldest regulatory agency in the United States. Although it stopped railroad regulation in 2005, it keeps its initial name. Now, the main duty of RRC is to regulate the petroleum industry as well as coal and uranium mining.

Recently, the agency has added some changes to its identity including a new logo and web services. According to Wayne Christian, the RRC chairman, the goal of the rebranding and technical updating was to make the agency more transparent and comprehensible.
The RRC new logo, reminding of the Texas flag, look rather stylish. That is an original reflection of the agency’s heritage closely tied with the Lone Star State, its history and people. The logotype also symbolizes the Commission’s solid aspiration to serve to Texans, as it is a leading institution providing safety in the oil and gas industry.
As for the new online services, they give website visitors detailed information about the former and currently exploited oil & gas pools, production statistics as well as reports on the Railroad Commission’s inspective activity. All of this is intended to deliver RRC from accusations of playing unfairly and bring more clearness into the agency’s image.