The oldest health care system in Delaware presents a new identity

Based in 1888, ChristianaCare is a network of non-profit hospitals in Delaware which also has subsidiaries in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Empathy, compassion and fortitude has been ChristianaCare’s main principles throughout its history. Nowadays, the company continues providing health care services using new technology and contemporary methods of diagnostics, therapy and surgery.

Looking to the future and making steps forward, ChristianaCare has recently unveiled its new identity. First of all, it deals with its name: both words are connected in one now, while previously, they were separated – Christiana Care. According to Dr. Janice E. Nevin, ChristianaCare’s chief executive, this is to symbolize seamless connection with people to meet their health needs at the highest level.

The updated brand has also been complemented with a little bit refreshed logo referring to peach blossom, one of the unofficial symbols of Delaware. With a palette of bright shades now, it reflects dynamic development of ChristianaCare. As a sign of spring, it suits well for a health care organization as it means growth, viability and longevity.