The new Buckinghamshire Council revealed its logo

The logo has been created for new Buckinghamshire Council, which will open its doors in April 2020. The logo shows the county’s most famous landmarks, i.e. Buckinghamshire’s beautiful nature, that can boast abundant hills, clean rivers, and famous ancient woodland.

A flying swan on the logo symbolizes the old tradition of breeding swans for the Royal Court, that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times. Apart from the fact that “White Swan” is an eminent county symbol, the Buckinghamshire is a common habitat of swans, these graceful wonderful birds, a real object of interest of the region that can’t but found its reflection in the logo.


To make the emblem for the new organisation they invited designers from the five councils. Besides in creative task of developing the mark the authorities involved elected members and staff from all five councils, who tried to make it simple but at that modern enough to be used in the digital age.


The new emblem should appear across council buildings, signage and vehicles before the 1st of April 2020. To minimize costs the roll out of the new look is expected to be gradual and planned to be fulfilled within several years to exclude needless waste.