The Book People get new identity

Launched more 30 years ago, The Book People is a large book retail with a lot of distributors across the United Kingdom. The company is a good example of a successful business. Started in 1988 with only one van, in the next two years it increased the number of its sale outlets up to 140. With the beginning of the Internet era, The Book People created its own web shop, and now, it has completely been transformed into online business.

Recently, the company has unveiled its new identity, including a logo and website design, made by London-based design studio The Clearing. Although the retail has kept its popularity, being considered as the main rival of Amazon in the UK, it was still lacking a bright individuality, so the rebranding was caused by the necessity to create a special image that would differentiate The Book People from other similar companies.
While the old logo was a simple, straightforward wordmark combining bold and light types, the new one is something fresh and uncommon. Three books with the words of company’s name are not only a sign of the nature of business, they also add some playfulness to the perception of The Book People. The frisky style has been continued in handwriting-designed slogan “Jump into another world”.