Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce presents a new logo

Having replaced its old emblem which had been used for over ten years, the Chamber of Commerce of Terre Haute, Indiana, has recently presented a new logo that should give the institution a more significant image.

According to Kristin Craig, the head of the Chamber, the new logo is an expression of the advancements carried out by the organization lately. The updated look is intended to tell people about the Chamber’s contribution to making the town a better place in term of social life and commercial activity. The Chamber of Commerce exerts every possible effort to improve the situation about business environment, interaction with the public, activity support and life quality. All the four strategic directions or the pillars are reflected in the four colored spots on the one of the two logo versions. The other variant represents the Chamber’s activities as circles around the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce wordmark.

The logo has been designed by the Terre Haute-based design agency RJL Solutions that was taking inspiration from the town’s brand See You In Terre Haute. In its work, the designers also considered the opinions of the Chamber’s staff, community members and media experts.
In the coming days, the new logo will appear on the institution’s office signboard, its website and letterhead.