Sybiz presents new corporate logo

Sybiz Software, an Australian company offering digital solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Capital Management, is celebrating its 45 anniversary on the market. To mark this event, the firm has presented new versions of its Visplay and Vision applications as well as its new look.
According to the company’s financial manager Ben O’Brien, it’s a good tradition for Sybiz to refresh their identity from time to time. This means that the business is always ready to adapt to the changing conditions of the ERP sector to maintain its leading position.

Created in-house, Sybiz’s new corporate logo is a result of a comprehensive analysis of the software company’s current image and its plans for the future. Featuring a diagram-like circle that reflects Sybiz’s commitment to provide optimal management solutions, it has inherited the typeface from the previous logotype which was introduced 20 years ago – the team expressed wishes to retain some previous design’s elements that would symbolize keeping the firm’s heritage and connection with its customers.
This rebranding is a kind of affirmation of the Product Roadmap recently released by Sybiz. The company’s official statement emphasizes the importance of the steps Sybiz is going to make next year when it will have to release new software suites compatible with the latest mobile device on popular operating systems.