SutureHealth modifies its image

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the company SutureHealth offers an e-product that helps to connect different healthcare institutions into an integral network. The company’s SutureSign software used across more than 30 states makes communication easier, obviating the need of employing the old methods, while automating manual processes like exchanging and signing medical documents.

Recently, SutureHealth has undertaken a rebranding that includes a new logo and website redesign. Refreshing its image, the company aims to make its name more recognizable, as it was being confused with the SutureSign brand, and show the customers the intention to develop its activity and launch some other services in addition to electronic signature.
The new logo reflects the idea of communication and mutual assistance, representing dissimilar healthcare organization as figures with interlocking arms. It illustrates the brand’s name that also symbolizes uniting medical institutios as mending different parts with a suture.
The rebranding has also been applied to the SutureSign web-app refreshed with a new color palette. This redesign, according to Dr. Michael Blackstone, the company’s CEO, will significantly improve the perception of the brand.