SustainableQATAR continues environmental programs with a new logo

Right after the UN Climate Summit, SustainableQATAR, a volunteer organization promoting eco-friendly solutions, has launched a new brand featuring a new logo. Ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup that will take place in Qatar, the organization has developed a program called the SustainableQATAR Young Ambassadors which aims at teaching teenagers how to contribute personally to reducing of carbon emissions.

The symbol for this ecologically sustainable program is the “Q” meaning Qatar, while its mosaic pattern is a tribute to the Islamic Art which widely uses geometrical motifs. This style, well-known across the world, is an expression of nature and spiritual images of different things refined from material substance. So it fits well to symbolize the sustainable way of development on which mankind has to move. And the prevalence of the green shades merely emphasize the ecological character of the project.

Although the logotype is formed only by simple individual quadrangles, it gives a perception of a complicated structure. In this, one can see another meaning – people can make the environment better only by uniting their efforts.