Super Bowl LV Logo unveiled

Last Wednesday the logo for the next 2021 Super Bowl LV was introduced. The host of the competition for the fifth time will be Tampa, Florida. And for the third time the game will be played at “Ray Jay”, Raymond James Stadium, that seats around 70-75 thousands spectators.

The basic template for the new logo remains the same, which was created in 2011 (for Super Bowl 45) and has been in use since then. Though for Super Bowl 50 and beyond the template was slightly changed.


Another tradition of the Super Bowl logo annual redesign is to use coloures, connected with the host team symbolics. It’s a way to pay homage to the host and give the logo local traits. Thus, Super Bowl 55 is coloured of “creamsicle.” It’s sort of a tribute to the original Buccaneers jerseys.

The Super Bowl LV “host committee” logo is also revealed, and, as some American football fans and commentators believe, it looks much more attractive than the Super Bowl logos, developed according to the latest logo system.